Jazz into the MAC Next Week

When a musician is that good, it’s enough to hear them perform on their own. But what about when four of some of the area’s most talented musicians join together to recreate music by Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller and Duke Ellington. Well, I don’t think I am capable of telling you just how good that would be.
Experience it for yourself at the MAC on Thursday, May 5 at 8 p.m. to see Jazz Through the Ages: The Friends Quartet. Four Columbus artists will join in playing their mastered instruments, attributing some of music’s most talented artists.

Tony Hagood will claim the piano. Hagood has played for audiences in China, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and several Caribbean countries. In 2006, he won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

Bradley Mellen will fiddle in on bass. Mellen received his masters in jazz performance from Purchase College in New York studying with musicians such as Todd Coolman. He is well-known to Columbus, performing in a variety of different groups.

Christopher Hoyte will be the saxophonist for the evening. Hoyte graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and since then most of his work has been intended for use in church context.

Finally, Zach Compston will bust out the drums. Compston is a versatile drummer who is also a percussionist and music director. Compston is currently Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus.

If you’re looking for a night of some of the best local musicians performing some of history’s most renowned musicians, this is the place to be. And for only $12? Consider it a steal.

Below are the full list of musicians they will be covering, as well as some music of their own.

Louis Armstrong

Fats Waller

Duke Ellington

Thelonious Monk

Bill Evans

Horace Silver, Chick Corea

Dave Brubeck

Joshua Redman’s Elastic Band

the Bad Plus


Buy tickets here


By Theresa Wallenhorst

PR Intern


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