The Chocolate Cake Chronicle

IMG_0414 (1)
Elizabeth Ritz, Grandview Heights. “They’ll Never Find the Body”

Here’s one of many things I’ve learned since I started volunteering at the McConnell Arts Center:  you can rent rooms and spaces for your special events at the MAC. My stint at the reception desk has given me the opportunity to see folks preparing for association fund-raisers, social events, and meetings. This often involves delicious platters of food being carried right by my station at the reception desk, but that is another story.

The MAC theatre can be rented for concerts, performances, lectures or business.  The Main Gallery is also frequently used as an event space, and classroom spaces also work well for small meetings, workshops or birthday parties.

The variety spaces and facilities at the MAC can probably accommodate an event you’re planning. Get more information at Rent the MAC.

Oh, and when you plan that birthday party…I like chocolate cake.

IMG_0412 (1)
Sophie Ungless, New Albany High School. “Macarons”

Tam Dalrymple

Artwork pictured from the 2016 Governor’s Regional Youth Art Exhibit – Region 1. Currently on display at the McConnell Arts Center in the Main and Corridor Galleries. 


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